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What Brand Do I Use: Ketones

Ketones. We're talking Ketones. Now, let me first say, I am a customer of Pruvit (see customer referral below). I am not a promoter right now. In the past, I've jumped on the wagon to be a promotor for companies. I decided to take a step back and not do that this time around. I... Continue Reading →

Gonna Have A Good Day

Check out @ejansontheauthor and her duet with @cutelezbean! Get this little diddy stuck in your head to bring up your spirits or help someone else get their mind right for the day. @booshash on TickTok

Release What’s In Your Hands

You're holding stuff that is too heavy for your heart.Pastor Mike Todd Pastor Mike has had some amazing sermons. I was so impressed by his ANCHORED series, I continued to dive into the Transformation Church a bit more. I found another amazing series called RELEASE. This may not be your cup of tea, but I... Continue Reading →

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