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The Good of No Path

Today... So many good things happened in the first few hours of today. I stopped at the post office and picked up my mail on the way to physical therapy. I sat in the parking lot waiting for my appointment to get closer and tore open my envelopes. I cried. Every part of me felt... Continue Reading →

Getting My Sea Legs Back

Gaming has been so huge in my family for years. I couldn't play for the longest time, but its coming back. I'm utterly exhausted. Those fun ram horn jolts that like to mess with the noggin and right side can be rough. I'm still working on the eye/hand coordination thing along with surpassing the emotional... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward

Can I tell you something? I mean we're being real here, right? I'm leaving people behind. My doctor decided Physical Therapy would be beneficial for me. I was down for more than a year. I've had some emotional setbacks; Not only did I have surgery in August, I had a major change in my life... Continue Reading →

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