Booshash on Tiktok! Are you ready to accept the challenge? #justpruvit Need an accountability partner 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 Customer Referral: ashparkerley.pruvitnow.com LET'S DO THIS ❣💜❣

What Brand Do I Use: Ketones

Ketones. We're talking Ketones. Now, let me first say, I am a customer of Pruvit (see customer referral below). I am not a promoter right now. In the past, I've jumped on the wagon to be a promotor for companies. I decided to take a step back and not do that this time around. I... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward

Can I tell you something? I mean we're being real here, right? I'm leaving people behind. My doctor decided Physical Therapy would be beneficial for me. I was down for more than a year. I've had some emotional setbacks; Not only did I have surgery in August, I had a major change in my life... Continue Reading →

Let It Move You

Gotta get that fire, fire, back in my bonesBefore my heart, heart, turns into stoneSo somebody please pass the megaphoneI'll shout it on the count of threeOne, two, threefor KING & COUNTRY - joy. I'm not sure why I was never a fan of the band for KING & COUNTRY. I heard a song they... Continue Reading →

Anger and Hatred

I'm so tired of feeling anger and hatred for people. It's just exhausting. People have hurt me and I've held onto so much for so long, I just can't do it anymore. My current predictment should only emphasis how I shouldn't let people into my life, and if I've ever learned anything, this is the... Continue Reading →

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