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Writing With Purpose

07/26/2021 I lost all means of coherent communication. I used words like whatamacallit and thingy and even found myself calling things by other names. My brain just couldn't get out the words I wanted and I took way too long to comprehend the simplest of things. Um, I'm a writer. I'm a reader. I was... Continue Reading →

Angry Ninjas = Menstruation

July 25, 2021 Those angry ninjas have come for me time and time again. Damn Ninjas! 🤣🤣 I’m sure I’m not the only one. Over the years, I assumed periods were supposed to suck because they always sucked for those with ovaries. I thought we were supposed to be miserable. And then I learned that the menstrual... Continue Reading →

There is Light in the Well

July 24, 2021 Last weekend, I was the most productive I’d been in months. I found myself getting up earlier than I had without an alarm (unless you count the dog 😁). Steps were on point. I even went outside on the deck to get some steps in. I made lunch for the family (even... Continue Reading →

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