I’ve Been Doing This All Wrong

FOR YEARS! And I learned the wrong ways in health class. Let's be real. Too often, there is a blanket way to show people how to eat and exercise. The blanket way doesn't work for me and I've learned more and more people don't find benefits from the blanket ways too. Eat Right and Exercise.... Continue Reading →

Cookie Dough and Music

I've often seen people in cinema land eating a pint of ice cream when they need some comfort. They must not have had cookie dough out of a jar. I've always preferred eating cookie dough over ice cream. If you haven't tried this amazing and delicious, Vegan, Low Sugar, Low Carb, KETO friendly deliciousness, here's... Continue Reading →

Eating After Surgery

Well, I stepped on the scale and I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this weight since before I got married. After my surgery, the Dietician wanted me to go back to eating a bit more on the calorie count and not to restrict my diet so much. Protein was my friend, and to heal, I... Continue Reading →

A Fuel Source

Ketones. I'm not going to wait until the end. Exogenous Ketones. It all started with exogenous ketones. Now, my first experience wasn't good and I even had to stop for a bit. Again, my body is super finicky, but I knew there was something to them. Watching people I've known for years finally see the... Continue Reading →

Not Your Typical Keto Girl

July 19, 2021 While I’m not Keto, I’ve been incorporating the “lower my carb every meal” concept. For instance, my wonderful hubby made a Beyond ‘Beef’ patty with a slice of cheese. I topped that baby with A1 and grabbed roasted seaweed and carrots. No bun. This left me room for Justin’s dark chocolate peanut... Continue Reading →

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