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Healing With Music

An aunt of mine passed away today. As my grandparents received the news that my Grandpa's sister was lost to COVID, I was in my room organizing things. I was making calls, a fire was lit in me to get things done. I was going to head out to the post office and then the... Continue Reading →

The Good of No Path

Today... So many good things happened in the first few hours of today. I stopped at the post office and picked up my mail on the way to physical therapy. I sat in the parking lot waiting for my appointment to get closer and tore open my envelopes. I cried. Every part of me felt... Continue Reading →

More Than A Hobby

I missed this guy. It's always been a hobby, mainly because I was always my own worse critic. Other people were always better at it than me. I couldn't take the picture like I saw it in my head. I had the mentality that one of my shots would get it without editing. I wasn't... Continue Reading →

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