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Kids Will Come

Funny things, before each miscarriage, and any anytime I mentioned wanting children, I was told that I wouldn't be a good mother. I don't play with matches. I don't run around with scissors. I don't push kids down on the playground. I don't bully. I don't spew hatred. I haven't been the best human being.... Continue Reading →

The Pounds Are Down

My journey didn't start on the first of the year, but you better believe I'm just getting starting. Your girl is down some pounds and holding on with the #pruvitcore4 challenge! I'm just a customer: Today, I weigh less than I did a decade ago. I'm down 71 pounds from my heighest weight. EVER.... Continue Reading →

What Brand Do I Use: Ketones

Ketones. We're talking Ketones. Now, let me first say, I am a customer of Pruvit (see customer referral below). I am not a promoter right now. In the past, I've jumped on the wagon to be a promotor for companies. I decided to take a step back and not do that this time around. I... Continue Reading →

When Signs Come, Who’s Speaking?

If you haven't seen THE STARLING on Netflix, you really should. I haven't had the amazing chance to have a child of my own, but I have lost my little ones during pregnancy. Many don't understand the lost because of that whole mess of a conversation people often fight about. Well, I lost my babies.... Continue Reading →

The Things I Will Do

After I started thinking about Life after surgery, I realized there was so much I wanted to do now more than ever. I'm making plans for my second chance and I can't wait to start living outside of this! To my always expanding list: Get on a planeGo to the beachSee a movie in a... Continue Reading →

Hello, Fertility Type

Where have you been all my life? Why aren't we taught this when we're younger? The TYPES DRY: Any gender & any age can be Dry Types, though it is particularly common during perimenopause. In women, it’s often the result of low or inconsistent estrogen levels that result in a thinner uterine lining & less... Continue Reading →

Trust Your Inner Strength

August 5, 2018 This popped up on my memories feed. I was going through a miscarriage at the time, so soon after we told our families. I have not had the pleasure of welcoming a little one into this world made of my own flesh. For many years, I said I didn't want to have... Continue Reading →

Learning What’s Important

I've been working on my down-in-the-dumps way of living since this thing took over my life. Obviously, as I learn more about Chiari Malformations, I realized so much of my issues are not completely unique even as different as we experience the condition. But not one individual has all the answers and I've been trying... Continue Reading →

My Birthday In Recent Years

July 26, 2021 In (15) days I turn another year older, but after this year it feels like a whole lifetime has passed me by. 2018 My hubby and I lost our first little one and miscarried the week before my birthday. 2019 We lost our 2nd, miscarring the week of my birthday. 2020 I... Continue Reading →

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