The Pounds Are Down

My journey didn't start on the first of the year, but you better believe I'm just getting starting. Your girl is down some pounds and holding on with the #pruvitcore4 challenge! I'm just a customer: Today, I weigh less than I did a decade ago. I'm down 71 pounds from my heighest weight. EVER.... Continue Reading →


Booshash on Tiktok! Are you ready to accept the challenge? #justpruvit Need an accountability partner 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 Customer Referral: LET'S DO THIS ❣💜❣

What Brand Do I Use: Ketones

Ketones. We're talking Ketones. Now, let me first say, I am a customer of Pruvit (see customer referral below). I am not a promoter right now. In the past, I've jumped on the wagon to be a promotor for companies. I decided to take a step back and not do that this time around. I... Continue Reading →

Eating After Surgery

Well, I stepped on the scale and I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this weight since before I got married. After my surgery, the Dietician wanted me to go back to eating a bit more on the calorie count and not to restrict my diet so much. Protein was my friend, and to heal, I... Continue Reading →

Writing With Purpose

07/26/2021 I lost all means of coherent communication. I used words like whatamacallit and thingy and even found myself calling things by other names. My brain just couldn't get out the words I wanted and I took way too long to comprehend the simplest of things. Um, I'm a writer. I'm a reader. I was... Continue Reading →

Angry Ninjas = Menstruation

July 25, 2021 Those angry ninjas have come for me time and time again. Damn Ninjas! 🤣🤣 I’m sure I’m not the only one. Over the years, I assumed periods were supposed to suck because they always sucked for those with ovaries. I thought we were supposed to be miserable. And then I learned that the menstrual... Continue Reading →

There is Light in the Well

July 24, 2021 Last weekend, I was the most productive I’d been in months. I found myself getting up earlier than I had without an alarm (unless you count the dog 😁). Steps were on point. I even went outside on the deck to get some steps in. I made lunch for the family (even... Continue Reading →

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