Crazyer Faith // Transformation Church Series

Transformation Church with Pastor Michael begins a new series called CrazyER Faith. The first episode of this series began September 19, 2021 titled The Command Has No Cap // God Wants to Take Us Beyond Belief (part 1). It might not make sense, but it's about to make a miracle.Pastor Michael Todd Can I... Continue Reading →

Release What’s In Your Hands

You're holding stuff that is too heavy for your heart.Pastor Mike Todd Pastor Mike has had some amazing sermons. I was so impressed by his ANCHORED series, I continued to dive into the Transformation Church a bit more. I found another amazing series called RELEASE. This may not be your cup of tea, but I... Continue Reading →

Always Remember

It was the exact moment I looked at the TV and saw the news report as I was getting ready to go into school. I hadn't been feeling well and was heading in for half-a-day. It hadn't clicked what was happening as my father received a phone call from his friend about what was happening.... Continue Reading →

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