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The Knight In Shining Armor

I've been playing around with this thought that we aren't all built for the struggles of others....unless... With everything I've been through and everyone who's chosen not to be with me during this, I've thought about those who have rode this Rollercoaster along side me. This morning, a little more clarity came with a recent... Continue Reading →

Who’s Story Are You In?

I'm sure this is only a brief dance into this topic, but after my experience yesterday I felt it was important to remind us that our stories matter. Yesterday, it was strongly suggested that I should be working any job and should have never not been working. My health aside. Just a friendly reminder -... Continue Reading →

Searching For Answers

You were just diagnosed with a condition that you wanted to know more about. Maybe you've entered that condition into the Google search, and you don't know where to start. Maybe you read a blip, and you think you have all the answers. When my Chiari Malformation couldn't be overlooked, I had to do my... Continue Reading →

Testing Time

Waiting for my turn. MRIs I haven't had one since before my surgery. I usually feel pretty awful by the time I'm done, but we shall see how things go.

Be Creative

We all need an outlet. I was sick and struggling. Someone showed me I could make things in my own way and make light of what I'm going through. It's not light by any means, but we have to have fun with it, right? Check out the warlord magnet and other products with this design... Continue Reading →

First Surgery Follow Up

September 7, 2021 I'm no sure why the glow from outside is so...rounding on me, but there is a smile on this face under that mask!! Windows down and a beautiful sunny day without sunglasses has me feeling all the wonderful feels as I wait to see the doctor that got all the right balls... Continue Reading →

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