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Where Is My Mind? I heard this song many times over the years, the original being by the Pixies. So often, this song is used during deeper moments on shows or movies like Fight Club. When I heard the cover by Tkay Maidza, something clicked differently. Maybe because I loathed that movie - At the time I first... Continue Reading →

An Amazing View From Here

The sirens ring outThe violence pours downHeat rises and blood fallsEyes blinded, hope seems goneBut we'll make it out aliveTommee Profitt ft. Sam Tinnesz We're caught in the fireAnd it burns right through the bonesWe're down to the wireNo it won't leave us aloneOh it haunts our daysAnd the fear won't fadeFeeling swallowed by... Continue Reading →

First Surgery Follow Up

September 7, 2021 I'm no sure why the glow from outside is so...rounding on me, but there is a smile on this face under that mask!! Windows down and a beautiful sunny day without sunglasses has me feeling all the wonderful feels as I wait to see the doctor that got all the right balls... Continue Reading →

The World Looks Different

I was in surgery on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. I didn't realize how different and dark life was before. It all just looks different. With no effort, I had an amazing day yesterday. I enjoyed the people in my life and the most I had to worry about was being in pain and worn out.... Continue Reading →

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