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You didn’t have brain surgery…Road Talk

I had a funny conversation the other day. This person is a whole box of worms, and in many cases, I've gotten him a little wrong over the years. Ahhh... I admit it, I may have been....wrong...about something...maybe...about him...a little bit...maybe. 😄 I was helping get some things for a project he's doing for my... Continue Reading →

The Things I Will Do

After I started thinking about Life after surgery, I realized there was so much I wanted to do now more than ever. I'm making plans for my second chance and I can't wait to start living outside of this! To my always expanding list: Get on a planeGo to the beachSee a movie in a... Continue Reading →

Hello, Fertility Type

Where have you been all my life? Why aren't we taught this when we're younger? The TYPES DRY: Any gender & any age can be Dry Types, though it is particularly common during perimenopause. In women, it’s often the result of low or inconsistent estrogen levels that result in a thinner uterine lining & less... Continue Reading →

Trust Your Inner Strength

August 5, 2018 This popped up on my memories feed. I was going through a miscarriage at the time, so soon after we told our families. I have not had the pleasure of welcoming a little one into this world made of my own flesh. For many years, I said I didn't want to have... Continue Reading →

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