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Some say…

...that we all see things differently. When we see things, we see them based on our current state of mind. Does that mean books that share the same story but in different points of view... Shouldn't those views differ slightly? Shouldn't everyone's story be different because never are we one mind. Never. Are. We. With.... Continue Reading →

It’s been a year…

It's been one year.A lot has changed.Things have become clearer.Actions speak louder than words.Love is simple.Water heals.People are great and people suck.Loss in any form serves a purpose.True colors shine through.The truth always comes out.So...Soak up the sun.Enjoy life.Be grateful for those that properly love you.Heal the trauma.Don't force people to stick around.Stop ignoring the... Continue Reading →

Take A Minute To Check In

Number three... We lost another one this year. It's surreal at the amount of loss in a person's life and how each person handles it differently. It's interesting to see how we handle things subconsciously as well. We may not realize we're doing it, but we are dealing with situations every day. Even when we... Continue Reading →

More Than People See Us

If you've been following me for a long time, you know that I had surgery in August. My world completely shifted on July 19th; my entire existence stripped from me. In these months following surgery, I've been healing not just from the surgery and the year of not being able to walk without looking drunk,... Continue Reading →

Healing With Music

An aunt of mine passed away today. As my grandparents received the news that my Grandpa's sister was lost to COVID, I was in my room organizing things. I was making calls, a fire was lit in me to get things done. I was going to head out to the post office and then the... Continue Reading →

The Good of No Path

Today... So many good things happened in the first few hours of today. I stopped at the post office and picked up my mail on the way to physical therapy. I sat in the parking lot waiting for my appointment to get closer and tore open my envelopes. I cried. Every part of me felt... Continue Reading →

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