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More Than People See Us

If you've been following me for a long time, you know that I had surgery in August. My world completely shifted on July 19th; my entire existence stripped from me. In these months following surgery, I've been healing not just from the surgery and the year of not being able to walk without looking drunk,... Continue Reading →

Stuff I Love

I finally got myself one of those lists of my links. Still getting stuff added - affiliate/ customer referral/just stuff I like and use/my sites - but my goal to become more organized is getting there 🙌🏽 If I don't like it, you won't see it on the list 🙂

Be Creative

We all need an outlet. I was sick and struggling. Someone showed me I could make things in my own way and make light of what I'm going through. It's not light by any means, but we have to have fun with it, right? Check out the warlord magnet and other products with this design... Continue Reading →

When Signs Come, Who’s Speaking?

If you haven't seen THE STARLING on Netflix, you really should. I haven't had the amazing chance to have a child of my own, but I have lost my little ones during pregnancy. Many don't understand the lost because of that whole mess of a conversation people often fight about. Well, I lost my babies.... Continue Reading →

Working On A Dream

I did something I didn't ever think I'd ever do...I recorded my voice and sent it to someone. No words were said, but I realized I was singing for the wrong person. I didn't let the silence take from a dream of reaching for something that was for me. I decided to put myself out... Continue Reading →

One Last Place To Visit Before Surgery

The fight to not be overwhelmed by the risks of my decompression surgery for my Chiari Malformation has been one of the biggest mental battles of my life. It was a surgery that sent me down this road of struggle over the last year. Recently, I started seeing the decompression surgery as a godsend. Last... Continue Reading →

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