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MRIs Are Too Different Now

I had to sit down. After my MRI, I had to sit down. I stared at my booties and couldn't believe how unbelievably worn out I was after the two tests. I wondered if I was taking too long, but I did what I could sitting and what I could standing before I headed out... Continue Reading →

Maybe Don’t Say That

So... I ran into a girl I knew in school nearly 20 years ago. I say the usual pleasantries, because that's what you do, right? You say hello and you ask how the other person is doing. "How's your day going today?" I asked. "Pretty good." She eyes my walking sticks. "Better that you it... Continue Reading →

How to get a Rainbow

Look at my face when I tell you this: Rain + Sunshine = Rainbow Baby, look into my eyes. It takes a whole lot of rain and some massive sunshine to bring you that big, beautiful, and vibrant rainbow. You've got to move through that storm and accept the clear sunny skies coming to find... Continue Reading →

Getting Over the Embarassment

Well, if you know, you know. And... If you don't know, I'll help you out. Accepting the reality that I need something to help me walk while trying to get from one doctor to the next was a little difficult. But man, am I glad I got these beauties! While it's just the start, I've... Continue Reading →

Some say…

...that we all see things differently. When we see things, we see them based on our current state of mind. Does that mean books that share the same story but in different points of view... Shouldn't those views differ slightly? Shouldn't everyone's story be different because never are we one mind. Never. Are. We. With.... Continue Reading →

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