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MRIs Are Too Different Now

I had to sit down. After my MRI, I had to sit down. I stared at my booties and couldn’t believe how unbelievably worn out I was after the two tests.

I wondered if I was taking too long, but I did what I could sitting and what I could standing before I headed out to the waiting room.

For the second time in two weeks, my people stepped up for me when I didn’t ask.

We got out to the car, and I cried. I was so tired. I was in so much pain. I planned to sit in the car for a while before I drove myself home. But out in the waiting room was my dad. He drove me home. My people knew I needed someone to take me home even when I couldn’t admit it to them or myself that I’m running through sludge most days.

The week before, I needed to drive nearly an hour away for a doctor’s appointment on a road I wasn’t too comfortable on. My nerves got the better of me, and I wasn’t sure how it would go, but my mom overrode the entire situation and got me a ride to not only that appointment but also my next appointment.

I can’t wait for those best times. I’m not the only one waiting for those best times. I’m not the only one who deserves those best times.

Even in the fog, remember your people.


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