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It’s been a year…

It’s been one year.
A lot has changed.
Things have become clearer.
Actions speak louder than words.
Love is simple.
Water heals.
People are great and people suck.
Loss in any form serves a purpose.
True colors shine through.
The truth always comes out.

Soak up the sun.
Enjoy life.
Be grateful for those that properly love you.
Heal the trauma.
Don’t force people to stick around.
Stop ignoring the red flags.
Fight for those worth fighting for.
Hold onto the good stuff.
Let go of what tries to destroy you.
Advocate for yourself.
Good people appreciate the effort.
Better people help lift you.
The best people fight along side you in your battles.

Learn to trust your gut.
It’s been right from the start.

Know your worth.


I heard once…if life goes smoothly, you’ll never have the chance to grow up.

I’m sure it was something like that.

The wise tea guy on one of my favorite shows had a knack for words.

Wise tea guy from a fiction show aside, it made sense. I wondered if I took every opportunity to grow up. Part of me wanted to stay young forever and part of me wanted to be that old wise woman surrounded by her many generations, provided words that were solidified by my actions. Actions that would be a tale to teach the next generation.

Maybe that was still possible.

But do we have to lose our youth…that spark of hope and determination. Do we have to lose it all to fear? That kind of fear that only comes after the world piles it all on, takes away the control you felt like you had.

We have control, but is control a necessary part of feeling wise?

It’s been a year.

It’s been one year since I realized what I’d been living for…

Was it worth it?

Is our ah ha moment worth the pain of loss… loss of the person you were? Or were the things that fell off, the things that were stripped away, meant to go?

To look at my situation, I’ve been pitied. But I’ve also been told of my amazing strength to make it through it all and still smile.

Maybe I have become stronger. Maybe the work life, the home life, the family life became stronger with the change. Maybe the way of life began to flow in peace. Maybe life was just tired of beating on a door that never really opened to a home that was never really mine. Maybe life just showed me what it’s been trying to tell me all along.



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