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Is There A Playbook For This?

After physical therapy today, I wondered if I overshared.

My tiredness and overdoing it from the weekend weakened my guard and my mouth just freely moved, my brain without a barrier.

They hadn’t realized my surgery was so recent, but the way they said it and the continued conversation, there was an understanding my surgery was ONLY eight months ago.

I said something to the fact that there had been a realization recently for me that there are two very different groups in my life right now (if you can count one 🤭).

One group sees that it has only been eight months and it was brain surgery.

The other group didn’t think my issues were issues and brain surgery wasn’t a big deal and I should have been up and normal after a month (actions speak louder than words).

I thanked them for recognizing that it had been so recent.

He laughed and asked who expected me to be okay after such a short time?

I stated my husband left right before the surgery, but I have an amazing supportive family that gets it so it’s all good.

For a moment, I felt the embarrassment of the situation and then I realized I didn’t cry nor did I want to and I kept moving forward in the conversation.

I joked when he took on the weight of my head to do pressure points, though I don’t think he caught on, you know since they took some out during surgery 😁

But…I recognize my progress just in acknowledging the situation with strength and gratitude for the good in the people I have in my corner.

Craptastic stuff aside, I have really good people with me. This weekend took a harder hit because I didn’t realize how much more it affected them, but my tribe continues to amaze me and my heart only grows in love and gratitude because of them. To see the light outshines the darkness.

It truly makes a difference who you surround yourself with and the vibes you hold onto that change your world.

Patience. It doesn’t happen overnight and takes work every day, but it becomes easier with scrimmages. Make it to practice, work out your plays and some back up plays. Test that stuff out at your scrimmages to get ready for the games. When game night comes, you’ll be better prepared for more possibilities.

You’ll be caught off guard, but bouncing back will come easier. Not every team works the same, and they shouldn’t.

Different dynamics. Different personalities. Different leadership. Different plays. Different preparation. Different levels of talents. Different teamwork or no teamwork at all.

We will come across things we aren’t prepared for, but we will have ways to work through it until we work it out and then that’s a new play in your playbook.

Create a playbook for your life that works for the life you’re living.


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