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Attachments + Love + Money

They say we should love ourselves above all else. That we should be able to live a life unattached.

Well, I haven’t quite figured that out, yet.

My whole life has been about attachments.

My world has often been consumed by others, and I guess that’s where my problems started.

My life has never really been my own. My interests often mirrored others. I’m sure at one time I liked the same things as other people. I mean, I did like those things, but then my own things kind of welted away.

I don’t know, maybe because others didn’t really like what I liked or because it wasn’t as important to like my stuff.

Or because I was made fun and taunted about my little world.

I’m still working through that bucket of poo from the past.

Regardless, I realized I often did these things because is was required to do and say and be what others wanted because then they’d stick around. They’d be my friend.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that realized people often disappeared when we stopped catering to them.

I mean, we made a choice out of fear and trauma to allow other people to not only create strings, but control the strings of our lives.

Take a look at a few things in your life.


Did you have money as a child or were you less fortunatr? And how did people treat you? How did it effect your family? What kind of conversations was had surrounding money?

“Didn’t you wear those jeans yesterday?”

“We can’t afford those this time, honey.”

“Why did you spend this on that?”

I’m sure you could list different conversations, different tones, and different feelings. Snotty kids. Stressed out parents. Arguing spouses.

But why? Why do we have such a battle with things like money?

Those things from before probably make you do things now whether you realize it or not.

Extra stingy with money or you spend as soon as you have an extra penny.

There’s different variations, but it all came from a place of some kind of way you felt as a child.

Again, attachments.

Attachment to feelings. Attachment to people. Attachment to money. Etc. Etc.

Some attachments can be horrible.

MC Hammer did all he could for his people because of his own personal upbringing. It left him broke and some of those people left when he didn’t have the money. They left when he couldn’t keep buying their affection.

Let’s be honest. We all do this in one form or another. Or many forms. Some are more obvious; Money, sex, drugs, hatred for mutual people…being the person they want you to be, but we are essentially buying the attachments.

And then they leave.

Maybe when you needed them most.

Maybe when you put your foot down.

It doesn’t matter if they’re honest with themselves, but we need to be honest with ourselves.

And not all attachments are bad.

As long as we are being us.

Whomever that is through this big fat mess we made of our own self love.

They say the people we attract are a mirror of something in us. Well, let’s get to vibrating something good.

Unmask, kiddos. Heal those inner voices that are not your own, and fix your own damaged inner voice from all the years it’s been buried.

Those who love you will love you unconditionally. They will not require you to be anyone other than you, that you that you love as that is pure love. And love will never be expected as a trade off.

They won’t stop loving you because you’re having a moment, or because you’re sick, but this isn’t a pass. You gotta love you. You gotta put the work in. You’ve got to put an effort into you – mind, body, soul.

Real love is more than a ride on a rainbow. It is so much more. And through all of this, I know it’s out there.

So get to understanding and healing the mess we all have. Be patience. Be honest. Be kind. Keep that vibration on a level of what you want. Avoid putting your energy into the things you don’t.

You got this.


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