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Experiment In Unconditional Love

Punishing people for their mistakes is something I’m sure we’ve all done.

Some things are hard to forgive. I get it. I thought so, too. I was the one that thought them getting theirs was justice. Karma. I thought it was the karmic justice they deserved.

It turns my stomach into a pin ball machine to think that an eye for an eye is warranted.

And given the circumstance, maybe it is, but having hope for the demise of someone else just doesn’t seem very productive and it doesn’t sit well with my soul.

Hope for bad to come to someone does more harm to your spirit than you realize. When you’re hoping against them, you’re holding all of that in you.

All those emotions are tainting your spirit and ruining your relationship with others.

That vibe is harming you.

Will Smith and his family have been transparent more than most celebrities. I saw the video below just before Christmas and it resurfaced for me yesterday.

Check out his video on TikTok

Check out his book and learn more about their experiment on unconditional love.

His book is available now

…to love and to be loved…


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