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Working the Shadow Work Like It’s A Business

Because YOUR shadow work is YOUR business and it should always be a priority.

Working on yourself from the inside stops the need to mask up or “put yourself on” like a new skin.

Link to TikTok Video

Find and sing your song until you’ve healed. It’s then that we start to FEEL differently. Thoughts are great, but the feeling put into your thoughts is what gives it power.

“I Am Capable” wasn’t just about changing my words to make a better thought process. It was about eliminating the high resistance my shadow feelings created.

The song “Praying” by Kesha hit me in a whole new way recently. Something inside of me was telling me to be vulnerable.

“Work out the feelings in the ways I need to work them out.”

I made a few attempts to create this video and ultimately let it sit in my drafts.

But that’s not helping anyone in the drafts.

I worked through so many of those voices that told me not to post it. All the reasons they laid out for me are just trash.

I didn’t ignore them. I didn’t try to hide from them. I didn’t just stuff them down.

While pride is one issue I’m working through, I’m so proud of myself for seeing what was going on and I owned it until I could move beyond the havoc.

It’s not about getting over it. It’s not about moving past it. It’s not about erasing it or even “moving on” from it.

It’s about moving BEYOND it.

And then I posted the video and so much lifted from my body physically, emotional, and mentally. I was rejuvenated in a surreal way.

I want more of that. I understand now, we need to work through it. Don’t ignore it. Don’t hide from it. Don’t stuff it down. And for the love of life, do NOT mask up and put yourself on by erasing your issues like it never existed or messed with your spirit.

Moving forward requires several steps back. The present is the only place we can live. Deal with the past and realize the future comes to you.

Let that sink in.

Check out the amazing Rainbow Album by Kesha. Take some time to learn about others who are using their season of growth to inspire others to do the same for themselves.

Keshia’s Rainbow Album

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