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I Am Capable

It all started with this phrase.

I’ve had a rough time accepting help from people. The last few days, I’ve included the phrase “I am capable of…” and finished the sentenced with a word or a sentence.

As all of you lovelies may have read on my blog, I’ve been working on my vibe. Like so many others, much of what affects my vibe can distract me from progressing.

I watched a video that made so much sense about why my vibe was harder to adjust. While I have been working to project a better me, I wasn’t really considering the ways I created a resistance within myself.

The phrase “I am capable” was the beginning of changing my language to myself. My rough moments needed a change of the negative pace my brain wanted to travel.

I am capable of accepting help.

I am capable of being happy.

I am capable of living for today.

And so on.

It changed everything.

Growth is funny. It comes in waves.

There is a lot of work on the journey to accepting ourselves. It takes a lot of understanding and forgiving to change our tune to truly feel the music in our souls.


Each statement I come up with is a bit more believable than the simple “I am” or reverse statements.

Let me put it like this: if you’re trying to speak better about yourself, you might change the narrative from “I will look better after I lose weight” to “I love my body just as it is.”

It feels forced when you don’t believe it wholeheartedly.

It was almost disingenuous. I often cringed at the words as i said them. There was a disconnect, and those words made the self I was working on seem low or unlovable.

It felt like I was talking down to myself while I was trying to build myself up.

That’s the exact opposite of what I was trying to do.

Hence, the resistance – that kind of resistance that makes you feel like you’re in a sling shot ready to fly.

You’re running with the band around your waist, carrying the thought that if you stretch it far enough, it’ll send you farther ahead.

Your legs are burning; you’re out of breath, and you’re fighting against that band, hoping for a better stretch thinking the struggle will lead to something better. You’re too exhausted to realize the force of the sling shot will send you flying…


We try to skip so much of our journey and ultimately do a disservice to ourselves. We don’t see where we’re being launched, but we assume it’s better than the valley we’re walking through now.

We ignored the work and lost out on potential growth and much needed tools we would have gained had we not skipped over the experience.

Changing your vibe starts with the basics that will probably hurt like hell to heal if you’re doing it right.

Give it a shot.

I am capable of…

  • Being Kind and Happy
  • Making someone smile
  • Being the Authentic Me
  • Owning a successful business
  • Dancing in the street

See what it’ll do for you.



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