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COVID sucks

We lost another one.

My grandfather has outlived so many and now he outlives his younger brother.

This weekend marked the final goodbyes for both his brother and sister.

COVID sucks!

And today, I sit here with important people in my life with the utmost gratitude for all they’ve done for me.

I don’t think we spend enough time with gratitude. Some say a brief prayer or give a quick thank you, but a lot of us do not sit in the gratitude. I think this world would be very different if we did.

I am beyond blessed. Every day, I find it easier and easier to see the good in every situation. If anything, I know where this hard year could have taken me.

But something more happened this year.

It was hard and difficult beyond a shadow of a doubt. It took me down to the valley, and I finally could see those shadows for what they were. I’m still working on it every day, but I know what those shadows are when they try to come back around.

I’m doing the work.

I also realized how words can be garbage. I mean, I’ve met some manipulators where words are just that. As a writer, words can create something so amazing, but in reality, they can be a bitch.

That might be why I lived in the fictional world for so much of my life.

Sadly, some of those manipulators got closer than I ever realized, but it taught me a lesson. By far, one of the harshest lessons that I already knew, but it had to sink in at the core. If their actions aren’t matching their talk, rethink if they are aiding or hurting your journey and send the wrong ones on their way.

With that, my actions are aligning with my words and it feels powerful! It’s surreal how coming out of the storm looks more and more beautiful every day.

Through it all, I feel powerful.

I am powerful!

Watch out, beautiful souls! The vibe is high and my boat isn’t for everyone.



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