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The Matrix: Trinity’s Neo

It’s been years since I watched the whole trilogy. I’ve seen the first Matrix numerous times.

My writer’s brain could see what was coming with the “final” movie and just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) accept the end of my favorite couple, Neo and Trinity.

Resurrections came out and it’s been the movie I’ve been waiting for…to see these two back together made my heart swell and that is saying so much given my current situation.

To see Carrie and Keanu back on the “big” screen and making magic together put a little pep in my step.

And the funny thing that hit me today (not really funny but you know) is the amazing connection of these two.

It’s crazy, I vaguely remember seeing the first movie and just gushed over their love for each other. Seeing where they are in the beginning of Ressurections and where it goes just makes me love this movie series so much more.

I’ve always had very thick and overwhelming connections with movies, music, and books. They consume me in ways I can’t always explain and I find so much beauty in the underlying meanings no matter how messed up it all can be.

I have my initial gut reaction and sometimes that’s exactly what the artist was trying to convey. Other times, it hits me where I am and the message becomes clearer with every watch, listen, or read.

The end of Resurrections didn’t click with me at first (maybe I should have freshened up with a re-watch of the trilogy first), but the more I see it, the more I find relief in the message. Watching for the third time, my brain is beyond excited and these two have me in a tizzy.

Oh Neo. Where are you? ☺

The Matrix Resurrections

Can I say, this movie has pretty amazing timing…wow, this woman is so much awesome sauce riding a unicorn that poops skittles.

Watch The Matrix Ressurections

Watch who people are when they are apart and enjoy what the right people can do when they are together.

Merry Christmas


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