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More Than A Hobby

I missed this guy.

It’s always been a hobby, mainly because I was always my own worse critic.

Other people were always better at it than me.

I couldn’t take the picture like I saw it in my head.

I had the mentality that one of my shots would get it without editing. I wasn’t much for over-editing.

I couldn’t capture the essence I saw in that single moment the way I saw it.

It just never looked right.

With the eyes I was using…other people’s eyes.

I thought I needed someone else to approve what I did. I tried many things over the years to see if what I was doing was enough.

…I often did things that others wanted me to do.

And still it wasn’t enough.


I am enough.

I guess a little brain surgery was needed.

Or…more changes to knock me off my feet and flat on my ash😇

I am enough. I know it now. That’s what matters.

So, I’m just going to have fun and enjoy what I can when I can.

What have you let others dictate in your life? Why did you stop doing the things you loved?

Just so you know…

It’s okay to be enough and only the right people know it 😉💜💪🏾


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