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No Fortune in the Cookie

We had four meals. Five fortune cookies.

I had no fortune in my cookie.

I ate the cookie with a little confusion. I can’t remember if this has ever happen to me, but I couldn’t tell you what it meant.

The fifth cookie was hidden at first. I opened it since no one wanted it and mine was empty.

It had the same fortune as one of the other four cookies. I was too full to eat that cookie.

TreeHozz says "If there is no fortune in a fortune cookie it means you are being invited to script your life as you'd LIKE it to unfold." 
Also "It's saying you don't need a fortune, because you make your own fortune. Congratulations, you trail blazer you. It means your future hasn't been written yet."
They continued with the question, "is it bad luck to open 2 fortune cookies? You open one fortune cookie, thinking it would be a harmless, string of words, that probably won't make sense. You start frantically trying to repair your fortune cookie with a glue stick, but it's too late. Like an atom, when you split your second fortune cookie in half, it causes an explosion."
And don't forget, "You have to eat the entire cookie in order for the fortune (that came from the cookie) to come true."

Well, aren’t they helpful.

So…What shall I take from this?


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