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Getting My Sea Legs Back

Gaming has been so huge in my family for years. I couldn’t play for the longest time, but its coming back.

I’m utterly exhausted. Those fun ram horn jolts that like to mess with the noggin and right side can be rough. I’m still working on the eye/hand coordination thing along with surpassing the emotional aspect that comes with gaming, but progress.

So. Much. Progress!

Current Games: Fortnite, COD – Vanguard, COD – ColdWar, StarTrek Online, Final Fantasy VII

Making progress in just a beautiful with you’re truly living in the progress. I’m not perfect, but I’m progressing.

Think about everything you’re doing. Really think about everything you’ve been through. Stop for a minute. Push aside the disappointment and see what you’ve improved in.

It doesn’t have to seem big to others. Your progress is your own.

Baby steps until you’re running.

We’ve got this!


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