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Moving Forward

Can I tell you something?

I mean we’re being real here, right?

I’m leaving people behind.

My doctor decided Physical Therapy would be beneficial for me. I was down for more than a year. I’ve had some emotional setbacks; Not only did I have surgery in August, I had a major change in my life personally only weeks before I headed into brain surgery.

Today, by some chance, I was teamed up with the co-owner of the rehabilitation center. I’ve had a few sessions and still learning the lay of the land, but today I realized it’s the right place at the right time.

It’s not just about trying to get stronger on a physical level.

I need good people around me.

I’ve been through physical therapy before, but not like this. It felt like a factory before. Just going through the motions. Get in. Get out.

This place is different. They not only understand what is needed based on what brought a patient there, they also try to understand the extra stuff.

Today, we talked about nutrition, laid out more in depth what I deal with and what I’ve dealt with…


My issues are invisible to the standard eye. And by that, I mean STANDARD opinions. We all can be above standard in our ways. We can be more open to kindness and understanding to those even to those we don’t know – Leaving out the assumptions.

People can only see my response in what I’m going through. They don’t know why I get a little short or why I’m so tired. People who know what I’m going through, they can only try to understand, if they choose to, and still, people don’t really understand. Not really.

Not even someone who has been through similar situations, can they truly understand. We are all different, but we can absolutely try to be more understanding of others even when we don’t know what they are going through in life.

I can safely test my boundaries in physical therapy. I can discuss nutrition with people who are looking at a bigger picture for me. There is an understanding there and I’m not being gaslit or made to feel guilty for not being at 100% after brain surgery when I’ve been down for more than a year.

This all didn't happen overnight. It's been building for years. Snapping my fingers only puts my fingers at work, it does not heal me overnight.

The physical therapists have random conversation with each other and other patients, just trying to get to know the people around them. They all have lives and they still take the time to get to know everyone.

They are a kind of support I need.

I’ve been working on a lot of self-awareness. I’ve been working through a lot of past pains and ways to forgive not just the people who have hurt me, but myself.

We have to forgive ourselves just as much as we forgive others.

There wasn’t much hesitation after the surgery to move forward, I just didn’t know how to do that. They don’t make a handout for what I’m going through. There isn’t a cookie cutter way to do things for most people.

And here's a full circle to the purpose of this blog.

Sometimes we don’t realize we start something with a thought in mind and it’s there for so much more, like this blog.

Just remember, starting something with one goal in mind may lead to something else; you could find a new meaning, a new reason.

Moving forward gives us that opportunity.

Moving forward takes steps. Moving forward requires work on ourselves.

Moving forward may mean we have to let go of the people who aren’t ready to move forward with us.

Moving forward shows us who we are.

Are you moving forward?

I’m leaving people behind as I continue to move forward. I’m surrounding myself with better influences. I’ve been seeing what messes with my progress and I’m learning to let it go…let them go.

Maybe someday they’ll catch up…

Physical therapy is just one step.

Letting go is just one step.

Learning how to take better care of myself with what I have is just one step.

“Move” by MercyMe
What does moving forward look like for you?

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