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I’ve Been Doing This All Wrong

FOR YEARS! And I learned the wrong ways in health class.

Let’s be real. Too often, there is a blanket way to show people how to eat and exercise.

The blanket way doesn’t work for me and I’ve learned more and more people don’t find benefits from the blanket ways too.

Eat Right and Exercise.

Yes, that is the way it should be done, but the problem I’ve run into is the definitions.

What is eating right? What is the proper way to exercise?

The hardest part of all of this is that people don’t know what works for them until they give it a real try and we end up on Yo-Yo diet cycles.

Understand the difference!

I’ve been bouncing for a long time. It wasn’t until my body seemed to have given up on me that I realized I needed to try something else and it had to be right this time. I couldn’t exercise in abundance and food seemed to be the devil.

  • Cut the pasta
  • Cut the rice
  • Cut the bread
  • Cut the sugar
  • Use healthier sugar substitution
  • Hydrate
  • Intermittent fast
  • This doesn’t have to be forever

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but that’s what I was given from my surgeon. I had to be under a certain BMI for the surgery to happen. Even though I was under it, I rode that line because of my height vs weight. BTW, I’m not a fan of the BMI method, but it is what the health system runs on.

I looked for everything I could to get me going. Going for long walks wasn’t possible without injury. I fell often out of the tub, I struggled to walk without a wall.

Yes, I was that unsteady.

So, I started with steps leaning on something and ketones. Then I did more homework doing my best to wrap my head around it given my very limited mental function.


But there was something weird about the ketones. I first gave it a try a few months before and I didn’t give it enough time then. It wasnt until I gave the NAT LITE a try that I realized I could understand a little more.

My mental strength was no where close to being where it should be, but there was a light in the darkness. And, unlike anything I’ve done before, the scale actually moved and continues to moves.

I cleared a major milestone recently. It’s been years since I’ve been under 200 lbs. It’s been years since I’ve been able to breathe in my clothes. It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed how I look. It’s been years since I’ve talked healthier about my body.


It used to be all about women vs. men and what’s best for each body. I’ve woken up a bit and realized it’s condition based, too. People have different health conditions. Eating certain foods and exercising certain ways can aggravate those conditions.

Who knew I’ve been aggravating my body for so long.

It starts with the mental aspect. You have to talk yourself into being better and actually do it. That mental hill is hard to get up, but it is so worth it when you keep going.

Maybe it was the ketones, maybe it was being tired of not functioning, maybe it was knowing the surgery would give me new life and I had to be ready for it.

Maybe one helped the others.

How’s your progress?

Two Weeks After Surgery
Twelve Weeks After Surgery



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