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The Comma, No Period

I caught The Real while waiting to see the doctor. I had been reading my Bible and something caught my attention.

Now, I normally don’t watch this show. I don’t watch cable and typically only catch blips online, but something kept pulling me to watch it. It was brief, but boy did it connect to where my mind was going as I was reading The Word in that moment.

Adrienne Bailon made a comment: God can put a comma where others put a period. Check out 1:25-1:39 on The Real Daytime YouTube Channel:

Can I just tell you, God works for us every day. Where I am in this world right now, all the distractions trying to get me away from the good, the Lord has a way of getting our attention.

Anyone can change.

Anyone can be better.

Anyone can do better.

Don’t count people out.

Anything is possible!

Until next time: God’s Comma

It Takes Only A Mustard Seed of Faith

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