Cookie Dough and Music

I’ve often seen people in cinema land eating a pint of ice cream when they need some comfort.

They must not have had cookie dough out of a jar. I’ve always preferred eating cookie dough over ice cream.

If you haven’t tried this amazing and delicious, Vegan, Low Sugar, Low Carb, KETO friendly deliciousness, here’s their site or you can find it on Amazon.

BHU’s KETO Cookie Dough

BHU PB&CC on Amazon

Yes indeed, this stuff hits the spot when I’m in need of comfort without the horrible guilt of not eating well enough.

Music for the souls in need of a new way to look at love, who need a little comfort today.

“Yeah, we choose each other every day

Even when we bend we know we won’t break

We just bounce back better ’cause

Soulmates aren’t found, they’re forged in the same fire

Work at it even when we get tired

Making ups out of downs, doing all that it takes

‘Cause soulmates aren’t found, they’re made”

Spencer Crandall “Made”
Keep your head up and keep your hopes high!

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