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Crazyer Faith // Transformation Church Series

Transformation Church with Pastor Michael begins a new series called CrazyER Faith. The first episode of this series began September 19, 2021 titled The Command Has No Cap // God Wants to Take Us Beyond Belief.

It might not make sense, but it’s about to make a miracle.

Pastor Michael Todd

Can I just tell you, this pastor has been pretty amazing, catching me where I am. Anchored, Relationship Goals, and now Crazyer Faith – I am so astonished by this church and all they are doing.

Week Two

September 26, 2021: Unlocking an Anointed Imagination // What Are You Imagining // Crayzer Faith // Michael Todd

Imagination is the engine of your faith. Faith is the vehicle to your future. Hope is the fuel for your faith.

Pastor Mike Todd

Week Three

October 3, 2021: Faith vs. Fantasy // Is it truly from God? // Crayzer Faith // Michael Todd

Make the frame bigger.

Pastor Mike Todd

Week Four

October 10, 2021: The Circle of Faith // Who’s Surrounding You // Crazyer Faith // Michael Todd

Faith is contagious just like fear is contagious.

Pastor Mike Todd

Week Five

October 17, 2021: Vacant Vision // See It Before You See It // Crazyer Faith, Michael Todd

Feel me up

Until I overflow

I wanna run over

I wanna run over

Transformation Church Worship

Week Six

October 24, 2021: Faith Like A Farmer // Sow It Before You See It // Crazyer Faith // Michael Todd

Seed. Sow. Time. Work. Harvest.

Pastor Mike Todd

Week Seven

October 31, 2021: // // Crazyer Faith // Michael Todd


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