An Amazing View From Here

The sirens ring out
The violence pours down
Heat rises and blood falls
Eyes blinded, hope seems gone
But we’ll make it out alive

Tommee Profitt ft. Sam Tinnesz

We’re caught in the fire
And it burns right through the bones
We’re down to the wire
No it won’t leave us alone
Oh it haunts our days
And the fear won’t fade
Feeling swallowed by the smoke
We’re caught in the fire
But we’ll make it out alive

Caught In The Fire

I have been sitting in my space and something pretty hard hit me as I was walking through the moment of anger I was holding onto. This song came just as that moment of realization was pouring over me.

I’m supposed to be resting. So much of my soul and the words that played around in my heart have been telling me to rest. I realized, I needed a rest of many types and as I’ve begun to see what all needed a big rest I can feel the change in my whole spirit.

I’ve been shown so much in such what now seems like a short amount of time. Crazy Faith has taken me to a new place, CrazyER Faith is opening me up for the amazing things I already have and the wonderful things still to come.

They’ve rattled, our hearts
But survival is ours
We’ll make it out alive

Caught In the Fire by Tommie Profitt ft. Sam Tinnesz

As I finish this post, this amazing man is shown to me. I went out of my way to skip his performance and the other finalist’s from AGT this year. I wasn’t ready to hear the message they had at the time.

Now, I don’t know if I would have missed what they were trying to say had I heard it before, but today it’s sitting with me in a new way.

I don't think this message was just for me. I feel like this message was meant for more than just me.

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