7 Days

I was told to slow down on posting so people could catch up on my blog 😁😇

I guess I have dropped a lot into the universe in a short time.

This week I had to stop all medications and supplements for my surgery next week 😬🤕🤢

I was super specific with my inner crowd. This week has to be about a positive mindset. I know what’s triggering me and to get through the week without pain management is going to be enough for this girl.

I have been careful with the food I eat, more mindful of my body and it’s needs. I’ve created a modify workout regimen to keep my body active, but considerate of the limitations.

I apologized in advance for what’s to come and I’ve been working on my communication skills to better share my needs.

I can’t be afraid to tell someone to back off. I can’t be worried I’ll anger someone because I’m not running on their time table.

This is where I remind all of us that we must advocate for ourselves when we don’t feel our best interest is in play.

I can feel a difference in my body the last few days and I know I need to keep my head on straight for next week. I’m doing this to avoid letting this big surgery wiggle its way into doubt land.

Praying. Mediation. Yoga. And comedy!

Keep fighting for what you need! Keep trying. Keep moving. Keep your mind in the light!

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