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Hello, Fertility Type

Where have you been all my life? Why aren’t we taught this when we’re younger?



Any gender & any age can be Dry Types, though it is particularly common during perimenopause. In women, it’s often the result of low or inconsistent estrogen levels that result in a thinner uterine lining & less cervical fluid. In men, it can lead to premature ejaculation, low semen volumes, & frequent but inconsistent erections. In everyone, it can present as dry skin, thinning hair, restless sleep, hot flashes, night sweats, sweaty palms, anxiousness, or constipation.


People who are Pale Types frequently have pale complexions. They are often malnourished, either because they don’t eat enough healthy food or because their digestive system cannot extract nutrients from their food. In some women, it is caused by heavy periods that result in too much blood loss. Lack of nourishment can cause amenorrhea, long cycles, short or light periods, or a thin uterine lining. In men, it can also lead to soft erections, low sperm counts, or low semen volume. In everyone, it is common for Pale Types to suffer from anemia, fatigue, hair loss, blurry vision, or difficulty getting to sleep.


People who are Stuck Types often feel stressed. They can be a bit like a pressure cooker in that energy builds up & can be released unexpectedly, resulting in symptoms such as headaches, irritability, angry outbursts, or flank pain. People with a “nervous” digestive system are often the Stuck Type. It often causes estrogen dominance in women in relation to progesterone, leading to PMS, fibrocystic breasts & painful clotted menses. Over time this can result in anovulation, irregular cycles, periods that stop & start, or even endometriosis, uterine fibroids & polyps, or functional ovarian cysts. In men, it can lead to erectile disfunction or testicular pain, testicular varicoceles, or poor semen morphology. In everyone, it creates muscular tension, which often causes inflammation.


Tired Types run cold & are often metabolically sluggish. They feel sleepy, are often groggy in the morning & feel cold at night. It’s common for Tired Types to experience weight gain, achy muscles, frequent urination & sensitivity to sugar. Some people with a diagnosis of hypothyroid are also the Tired Type. In women, this Type can experience heavy periods, insulin resistance & low progesterone levels, all of which can affect fertility. In men, this Type can experience weak erections, low sperm counts, or poor sperm motility.


Many people with PCOS are the Waterlogged Type, though it can affect other people too. The main symptoms in women are irregular or no periods, ovarian cysts (particularly those that look like a string of pearls on a sonogram),and insulin resistance. Waterlogged Types often lack the energy to process fluids leading to swelling, mucus, and poor hormonal transitions. In women, this can lead to excessive vaginal discharge and elevated androgens, which in turn cause abnormal hair growth or skin breakouts. In men, poor fluid metabolism can lower the sperm count or cause poor sperm motility. In everyone, this Type can experience a greasy tongue coat, sinus problems, weight gain,  loose stools, painful joints, or aching limbs.

So what type are you?

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