Medical Clearance for Chiari Decompression Surgery


I have been cleared for my surgery!


In just two short weeks, I have lost 6 pounds. I was told I am noticeably slimmer!

The doctor is so hopeful for my surgery. I am too!

I haven’t felt so much hope in my bones before.

As my symptoms worsen into a burning and sensitive type pain, I’m finding myself needing more and more rest.

More than ever, I am learning to listen to my body and what it needs.

And the good ‘ole doc said to use this time to not overdo it and rest when I need to, but make sure I move to avoid the added aches and pains.

So much weight lifted off my shoulders when the doctor was issuing the clearance. To know I only have one more hurdle to jump through before the surgery…It’s all surreal.

Having supportive people in my corner, cheering for me at every turn, has made a huge difference in my mindset for this surgery.

There is a bigger plan in the works for me. I can't see it, but there is hope around every corner!

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