They Stop Clapping For the Wins

I’ve been told I concentrate on the negative too much.

But in the next breath, I’m measured by everything I’m not doing.

Digging myself out of a dark hole and making progress on my mental and physical health isn’t how they’ll tell my story.

It’s how much I couldn’t do that people lingered on.

It’s how much I wasn’t doing that matters most to other people.

Jesus, take the wheel.

I don’t know what world I’m walking through anymore.

If we continue to concentrate on all the things we aren’t doing, we will never see all that good coming our way.

Ashley Parker

In recent days, I’ve found myself blaming my condition for all it’s done to me and my family.

How often we let ourselves down by not seeing all that we’ve accomplished.

How dare anyone see only flaws and ignore all the beauty coming from our situation.

Know your worth, people. We are strong individuals. Don’t let someone put a label on you that you don’t want.

That’s their business.

I’m still fighting for my health, damn it.

Anyone who can’t see progress is missing out.

Let them live in their negativity.

Keep striving. Keep fighting. Keep those who lift us up close and let go of those who want to tear us down.

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