My Chiari and How Life Works


The Facts

I have a 11mm herniation of my tonsils.

Those little buggers wrap around my brain stem and spine and squeeze. This is called lateral medullary compression.

My CS flow looks normal to the naked eye. My surgeon noted part of my brain pushing against the skull and that stops the flow in a higher area than most.

Based on my symptoms being debilitating, worsening over the months without relief from various attempts to do so, decompression surgery was recommended.

Those suffering from a similar situation, I understand you more than you know.

Please remember, you are not alone. There are people who can help. I found myself feeling less alone by browsing the Reddit subs and searching on sites like YouTube.

It seems so cut and dry to people who aren’t experiencing our pain. They think it’s common and straightforward.

It’s not their fault. It’s a condition so many are still unfamiliar with including doctors.

But remember to give anyone props for trying to learn more about your situation.

And keep those who support you close. We have to find strength wherever we can.

Find strength in yourself and keep fighting for relief.

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