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When They Say They Don’t Care

You should believe them.

There is a shit feeling when you hear the words. It doesn’t matter who said it, just that they said it.

They don’t care about you.

They don’t care that you gave up.

They don’t care about what you’re going through.

They don’t care to lift you up.

You can see the signs before the words are said.

They don’t read about your condition.

They don’t bother trying to understand what you need.

They push you to do more not caring that you can’t.

They see your struggle and still expect you to be as capable as them.

It’s a life-threatening loss when you hear those words from people you love.

You find yourself circling a drain and wonder if they are counting on you to lose the battle.

You question your existence and wonder if all that you’ve done came down to money.

Where do we go from here?

How do we move past hearing that someone doesn’t care?

How do we move past knowing they didn’t see your fight – They chose to only see your struggle?

Is it as easy as giving up on them as they have on us?


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