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A Fuel Source


I’m not going to wait until the end.

Exogenous Ketones.

It all started with exogenous ketones.

Now, my first experience wasn’t good and I even had to stop for a bit. Again, my body is super finicky, but I knew there was something to them. Watching people I’ve known for years finally see the scale move, the old jeans fit, and find a new lease on life.

I wanted that. My limitations made it harder to work out and easier to eat crap. I started back up on exogenous ketones in a slower capacity and the shift was surreal.

I wanted the fat loss, but the hole I’d been living in wasn’t so dark anymore. Little by little, my brain was working a little better and the chronic fatigue I was experiencing wasn’t so bad.

I could make it through a 5 minute step session. The dizziness didn’t stop and I required so much rest after, but I was starting to get my steps in. I was starting to make progress for my surgery.

Then I started diving more into the keto/low carb life. It wasn’t until a super low carb day did I really feel what I was doing was right.

I’ve tried it all to lose weight, but I love pizza. I love cake and ice cream. I love Mac and cheese. And no, there hasn’t been anything that matches the foods I love and they be healthy.

But something real happened. I’ve always said food doesn’t taste the way I remember. When I think I want something, I cave. I order the pizza. Then the pizza comes and it doesn’t taste right. A pizza I’ve loved my entire life and it doesn’t taste right.

And then I realized I was eating for the memory; For those moments my family surrounded the pizza pies together. For those moments I sat across from the love of my life, flirting over a beverage. I wanted those moments.

Clarity came.

Clarity unlike I’ve ever known. I almost surprised myself at the realizations I’ve been having.

And now I’m making better decisions.

I could just drink the ketones and eat as I always have and still see results. I’ve done it with many supplements over the years and any attempt to do better never lasted.

Now, I’m doing better and it’s not impossible.

There are many options for ketones and you should always check with your doctor if you have issues. Always stay hydrated. I personally use: I’m not a promoter. Just a customer who enjoys the benefits of their community.

Our fuel sources are so important. We’ve all heard that before, but I don’t think we realize how much we need balance. I couldn’t get to this place before because of the brain and body. Working on the brain has helped me work on my body. The surgeon gets to do the rest.

4 weeks.

4 weeks until the surgery and I’m more motivated and determined than ever to get my mind and body ready for this surgery.


Find Your Fuel


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