Not Your Typical Keto Girl

July 19, 2021

While I’m not Keto, I’ve been incorporating the “lower my carb every meal” concept.

For instance, my wonderful hubby made a Beyond ‘Beef’ patty with a slice of cheese. I topped that baby with A1 and grabbed roasted seaweed and carrots. No bun. This left me room for Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups for my dessert.

There was a complete shift in how I felt when I didn’t start my day with a crap ton of carbs or a poor choice in carbs (I’m still so surprised by the carbs in carrots). I put out my best step count in more than a year without trying.

Now, I had my foundation fuel (ketones) that’s been helping me get the mind on track. With that I’ve been really able to get on my feet and just start stepping. In trying to work from good to better to best, I’m looking at making my body do the best it can for me when I can’t move from the brain pain. I need my body to keeping working when I’m unable to make my steps.

For the better part of a year I have not been a functioning human. Adjusting my fuel source has changed that just enough to make me want to work towards the #bestoutcome for me. It starts with the Good. I’m on the better train working for the best!

Making small changes to each meal is how to make the journey easy and has really simplified something that can be made so complex. While I’ve been hunting for ways to lower carbs with my favorite meals, I came across the egg roll bowls.

This just kills me.

A friend of mine makes these amazing egg rolls. I mean, people want a food truck where she sells just egg rolls. Vicki would sometimes make the mix, pop it in the bowl and serve because the family couldn’t wait long enough for her to make the egg rolls. Girl, you have something there!!! Another idea for that food truck. Now, I need the recipe so I can veganize it and make my own crack slaw 





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